Human Resource Development

Chase Gubler

Graphic Designer
Here since August 2014

What do you do for HRD?
I assist with online training modules and other design needs such as fliers.

What is your major? Degrees you have received?
Currently graphic design. Received associate of arts degree.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
Be yourself no matter what. Don't worry about what others think and don't change yourself for different atmospheres. Be true to who you are.

How can you help someone on campus?
I assist with creating online training modules that fit the needs of the employee. I work with them to create the content, make sure that it is correct, and deliver a polished product that will help with their training of employees.

What is one of your favorite quotes?
Live your life so that those who know you but don't know Him will want to know Him because they know you.

If you're married, tell us your favorite or funniest thing you love about your spouse. If not married, favorite or funniest dating experience.
I once went on a blind date where the whole object of the date was to go out in public and humiliate yourself. That was the strangest date yet.

What is your favorite thing to learn about?
I love learning about new technology that people have come up with. It is crazy the things that people can come up with out of the blue that not long after becomes a necessity for society (e.g., cell phones, social media).

Are you a PC or Apple person? Why?
I have recently become converted to Apple.

What animal would you love to have as a pet?
A sea otter

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