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When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

Daniel H. Pink helps us understand the science behind “when” to do things in order to help us live more productive, successful lives. Pink offers fascinating research, entertaining stories, and practical take-aways to transform the way we think about time.

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Creative Problem Solving

The problem solving model; steps of problem solving; brainstorming and star-bursting; creative thinking; encouraging critical thinking and creative thinking; identifying the problem statement.

Customer Service: Implementation

This session is designed to get managers thinking about how to set up a customer service program for their department or shop. Learn how to set up, manage, and measure the customer service your employees deliver.

Effective Decision Making

This workshop teaches decision making skills for the workplace. The workshop explores the reasons we make poor decisions and then discusses the optimum conditions for good decision making as well as methods for selecting the best possible alternatives.

Communication Skills

This workshop teaches skills that enable high-quality communication in your work setting. It will focus on creating an atmosphere conducive to effective communication, the essential elements of listening, and successfully delivering your message to others.

Generations at Work

Learn to understand and work better with the differing generations sharing the workplace at BYU. Through video, mini case studies and class discussion, the focus will include the implications of each generation on issues such as communication, differing work styles, and employee engagement.


The first part of this training consists of your department or office taking the official Myers-Briggs personality assessment. Then, a certified coach will debrief the results of the assessments to ensure that each participant is able to interpret their personality type to understand themselves and each other better. You can also add on activities that help further illustrate and value differences in personality.

Team Building

In this workshop we focus on what makes an effective team. This is a mix of lecture, discussion and activities designed to provide a hands-on learning experience. Great for intact teams.

1st Things 1st

This is a basic time-management training that helps share some best practices for being effective and setting goals.

Customer Service: Basics

We all have customers. Whether we answer student questions, lead a department, or serve lunch, all our customers want the same thing - great customer service. This workshop will use videos, classroom discussion, and small group practice to teach you the tools of great customer service. Discover why your customers leave or stay. Learn four customer service principles. Develop skills for handling complaints and problems.

Negotiation Skills

Experts tell us we negotiate at least 30 times each day—both in our personal and professional lives. In this workshop will teach you to successfully manage the negotiation framework to achieve positive, win-win results in your negotiations.

Stress Management

This training is designed to help offer some simple ways to manage stress in order to be more productive in business and life.








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