Online Training


I took a course and obtained a passing score, but the course is still showing “in process.”  What do I do?

Jerry: After closing the window the course played in, hit the “reload page button.” FAQ

If this changes the status from “Not started” to “In Process” then you may need to go to the knowledge center for this course and check a “Mark as completed” box.

If there isn’t a “Mark as completed” box showing in the course’s knowledge center and you received a passing score on the quiz, if one was included, then send an email to

I enrolled in a course or program, but didn’t complete the course or program.  How do I access the course to finish it, because when I search on the course it says I am already enrolled?

Jerry: Once you have enrolled in a course or program, it can now be accessed by clicking on the “Current Enrollments” tab.  Clicking on the course title will take you to the knowledge center for that course from which you can launch the course.

How do I find and print a certificate I have already earned?

Jerry: To view and/or print certificates you have been awarded through completing courses or programs click on the Career Development Center tab.  Not all courses or programs have a certificate associated with completing the training. 

Clicking on the Certifications tab will bring up a list of certificates that you have been awarded.

To view the certificate, click on the title or the cogwheel icon.  This will open the certificate and it can then be printed.

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