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What Are Employees Saying About Online Training?

At the BYU Dining Services Culinary Support Center employees complete online training before they even start to work! Here are some comments on how the training helped enhance their work experience:

"The training set out the rules very clearly and gave me an idea of what to expect."

"The training I received was really helpful because it allowed me to see all the places we have, specifically in our facilty, for safety: eyewash stations, SDS book of chemicals, and how to respond appropriately to a chemical spill, emergency exits, and other safety considerations."

"The online training helped me with my responsibilities by giving me an idea of what I would be doing and how to safely perform my tasks."

How to start

It's so simple! Just click on the "Y-Train" tab above and find your program under "Current Enrollments" or search on "Keywords" to find one of the 500+ lessons to learn from. Oh, and don't forget to take "Crucial Conversations" in the "Student Professional Series." Your supervisor will thank you!

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Student Professional Series
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