Online Training

Manager Resources

A Great Investment

There are many benefits to providing training to your employees using an online format. Online training enhances employee retention of workplace processes and procedures. The training can easily be divided into segments and distributed, as needed, over time. Online training is also cost effective. In fact one of our courses, "Hazcom GHS Training Program" has been taken by over 10,000 employees at a development cost per-unit-of-instruction of under .10 cents.


Customizabnle Trainings

Working with the HRD Online Training Staff, you can create a training prgram that will fit your needs. Use one of our already-developed courses or build a course from scratch.

Measurable Results

Online Training helps managers standardize the training their employees receive. Lower production costs by training emmployees how to perform tasks quickly, safely, and efficiently using online training.

University Incentives

Did you know that BYU creates over 50 new online trainings every year? That's because we have invested and continue to invest in online programs that build a culture of safety and productivity.

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