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Crucial Conversations: Dialogue Skills For When The Stakes Are High


Every team and every organization has problems. The difference between the best organizations and the rest is not how many problems they have but whether they candidly discuss and resolve them. The difference is how they handle the Crucial Conversations that are key to resolving their problems.

Just about every day, you have a high-leverage interaction with someone that will have a long-term impact on your success. Whether you're working through a tough issue with a major customer or having a sensitive interaction with a team member, if you don't handle these Crucial Conversations well, you won't get the outstanding results you're after.

For example, when was the last time you were faced with a Crucial Conversation such as this?

Dialogue is a tested cure for communication problems. How we speak up and listen during crucial conversations makes all the difference.

During the last 20 years, Vital Smarts Inc. surveyed almost a half million people, interviewed over 5000 individuals, and worked with hundreds of organizations to discover the best solution to communication problems.

Here's what they found:


Crucial Conversations has produced dramatic results for thousands of individuals and organizations.

By studying influential leaders, effective teams, and productive organizations we have identified the principles and skills they use to master these kinds of Crucial Conversations. In skilled hands, these Crucial Conversations move to effective dialogue. If handled poorly, they degenerate into silence or violence.

By implementing the principles and tools from this training, you can significantly improve in areas such as:

And many more areas that will measurably improve your individual, team, and organizational results.


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