Human Resource Development

The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity


The 5 Choices Essentials enables a significant amount of time and energy to be spent on life’s most important objectives. When we deliberately pay attention to the most important things amidst the distractions, we can harness the opportunities and technologies available today and soar to creative and innovative heights. The difference between sinking and soaring is our ability to make wise choices. In FranklinCovey’s 5 Choices Essentials course, participants learn a process which, when followed, will dramatically increase their ability to achieve life’s most important outcomes. Backed by science and years of experience, this course will produce a measurable increase in productivity and an inner sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.This time and life management workshop will help you make the right choices as you plan your day, week and life. You will align your daily and weekly tasks with the most important goals. You will move from being buried alive to extraordinary productivity!


1. ACT ON THE IMPORTANT – don’t react to the urgent In today’s world there are so many options about how to spend one’s time and energy. Course participants learn to approach each day with an "importance mindset" and to identify and eliminate those activities that distract them from achieving their organizations most important goals.

2. GO FOR THE EXTRAORDINARY – don’t settle for ordinary Clearly defining the highest aspirations and desired outcomes in one’s professional and personal roles provides direction and motivation for achieving extraordinary results. Class participants define extraordinary outcomes for their roles which help them focus their efforts to measure day-to-day decisions.

3. SCHEDULE THE BIG ROCKS – don’t sort gravel Consistently planning activities around identified "most important outcomes" creates a pattern of focus and success. Class participants learn the process for creating weekly and daily plans that will produce extraordinary outcomes.

4. RULE YOUR TECHNOLOGY – don’t let it rule you Building reliable email, task, calendaring, contracts and notes processes that support achieving important outcomes is essential to the ability to focus. Class participants learn rules to maximize the use of platforms such as Microsoft Outlook in building a reliable personal information system.

5. FUEL YOUR FIRE – don’t burn out Constantly and consistently renewing oneself ensures there will be plenty of energy throughout the day to focus on important activities. Class participants create a plan that will ignite their body’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy.

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